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Symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Chemical Exposure at Home

There are times when people suddenly get sick when they are placed in unhygienic environments. Most of the time, we attribute this as a psychologically-induced sickness or hypochondria. Especially when we see these people get so conscious about their health, we start to believe that they are over reacting.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Comes from EverywhereWhile there is some truth to this line of thinking, we need to keep our minds open. There really are people who are genuinely sick and don’t know why.

Some of these people may have a condition called multiple chemical sensitivity disorder. This is a chronic disease widely associated with adverse biological reactions by an individual towards low levels of chemical exposure.

Symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder

A person who has multiple chemical sensitivity disorder typically experiences non-specific symptoms. This means that their symptoms are vague, and can also be attributed to many other diseases. The following symptoms have been reported to manifest commonly in MCS patients:

1. Fatigue – constantly feeling tired
2. Headaches – a disabling pain in the head region
3. Nausea – uncomfortable feeling in the upper stomach
4. Dizziness – light-headedness
5. Inflammation in Various Parts of the Body – inflammation may be mild to severe and may manifest on the skin, the gastrointestinal tract, joints and/or respiratory tract.

As you can notice, the symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity disorder are common. This is why mistakes in diagnosing the disease are common. There are many causes of this disorder, and most of these causes are chemicals which can be found at home.

Common Causes

Symptoms of Multiple Chemical SensitivityWhile we think that our homes are virtually “chemical-free”, we are often exposed to various levels of air contaminants every day. These contaminants can cause indoor air pollution and when left unkempt, can go from mild to severe levels.

These indoor air pollutants are particulates such as molds, bacteria, low doses of chemicals, or any other irritants which can negatively impact your health.

Most of us may think that we are not susceptible to these pollutants.

However, there is also a portion of people who are (such as those who have multiple chemical sensitivity disorder).

While we are not placed at an immediate risk, long-term consequences to your health are an effect of chronic exposure to these irritants. Hence, preventing or avoiding the recurrence of these contaminants in our home is a must, especially since it is a natural “cure” for chemical sensitivity.


Protect Yourself From the Causes of Multiple Chemical SensitivityWith us, we can help you maximize your efficiency in fighting against indoor air pollution. There are several ways on how to recover from chemical sensitivity.

This is normally through minimizing exposure to these irritants. In particular, these prevention tips are simple hygienic practices such as frequent housekeeping and cleaning your air filter systems.

With us, we have cleaning products which can be used for clothes and surfaces where these irritants can latch themselves to, as well as air purifiers.

With us, you can be assured that you can maximize your efficiency by pairing your measures for indoor air pollution prevention with our products. We have such products which are perfect for air purification to rid your home of pollutants and chemical allergens!

Indoor air pollution has caused many chronic diseases in many peoples live. It is even worse for families who have a deep history of multiple chemical sensitivity disorder. There are many ways to fight against these pollutants, but one of the most effective ways is through hygienic house practices. We want to help you with our air purification products. With us, you can be assured that you will be safer in your home. So you can breathe easy once more.